Nouriti means nourish. I’ve always enjoyed the word nourish as it conjures up an image of our cells being made happy by micro nutrients. I once read that if you eat but you’re still hungry, it’s because you ate empty calories that didn’t fulfil your cells requirements.

I believe the key to health is fitting in maximum micro and macro nutrients in minimum calories. I didn’t say eat low calorie, I said maximize your nutrition within the calories you consume. Put another way, eat nutrient dense food.

We at Nouriti don’t purport to be nutritionists or dieticians. Nouriti was designed to merely be the platform in which you fulfil your chosen nutritional requirements. Whether it’s low carb, plant based, paleo, bodybuilding diet plan or whatever it is you’ve chosen, what we can all agree on is that whole, fresh foods are best, and inevitably, whatever health based eating plan you’ve chosen, this will be the foundation.

In addition to providing you with convenient, easily accessible nutrition in a fast food format, Nouriti also fulfills our need for social engagement in an eatery without having to sabotage your eating plan… so go on, meet that friend for coffee, even if it’s decaf (blegh, why?) or a matcha latte with almond milk or an organic liquorice tea… whatever weapon you’re picking today, you still get to meet that friend, have that engagement but keep your nutritional goals firmly intact. Yay!

This is the first blog of hopefully many – we have some great topics for you coming up such as how to deal with overindulgence with the festive season coming up, latest buzzwords and fashionable health ingredients, the psychology of eating, fitness to name a few but we’d also love to hear from you what topics you’re keen to hear about – drop us a line!!

We hope to see you soon!
Lisa & the Nouriti Team xx